Divorce can be one of the most difficult processes that a person can experience.  Divorce involves not only the division of assets, but the separation of the lives of the spouses and often children.

In this difficult process, experienced divorce attorneys can play a critical part in helping the spouses and their children get through the process.


In a divorce, we understand that the spouse whom we represent will have important questions:  what will happen to the marital property, will alimony or spousal support be awarded (and if so, how is this determined), what will happen to our house, vehicles, and other significant assets, who will be entitled to live in the current residence, and how will custody matters be determined?  Each individual case also presents additional unique questions.

We’re here to help answer these questions, and to take on the burden of the legal aspects of a divorce so that you can concentrate on other aspects of your life during the divorce process. 

We’ll let you know how divorce process in Indiana works, and keep you informed during the entire process.

If you’re seeking or already involved in a divorce, call me at 317-639-3315, I can help.

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What Clients Are Saying