Perhaps a loved one has recently died, and you’ve found out that the estate of the loved one is not being administered in accordance with the loved one’s wishes.  Or, perhaps someone has inappropriately influenced the loved one to change his or her will, with the result that family may have been excluded or provided for unequally under the will.

We understand these situations, and fight for our clients in ensuring that their interests are protected.  We know that in many circumstances, both our clients, and ultimately their children, may be impacted in ways that were not intended by the deceased.

We also represent estate administrators if they are being challenged by someone over how they are administering an estate.  We understand that estate administrators are in a difficult position, and we can help them when challenges are brought.

In these and other situations involving estate matters, it’s critical that legal representation be immediately obtained in order to protect the interests of those involved.  There are important deadlines that are applicable, and if proper legal objection is not made to the administration of estates prior to these deadlines the rights of those affected may be permanently determined.

Because of these deadlines, if you or a family member are involved in an estate distribution matter, please call me at 317-639-3315 today so that I can help protect your interests and those of your loved ones.

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What Clients Are Saying