Often, individuals are tasked with administering the estate of a decedent, and (having not been in this position before) have many questions about estate administration duties and obligations.  I’m here to help you fulfill these duties and obligations.

It’s important to understand that those responsible for estate administration have legal obligations to ensure that estate assets are distributed in accordance with the wishes of the deceased, after first taking care of the legal obligations of the deceased.

There are a variety of filings that must be made, including filings for final tax returns.

This law office understands these obligations, and can help ensure that an estate is properly administered under Indiana law. I’ll guide you through the process, and tell you everything you need to know every step of the way.

If you’ve been appointed as an executor or administrator of an estate, please call me at 317-639-3315 to learn about the probate and estate administration process, and how we can help you fulfill your estate administration obligations.

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What Clients Are Saying