As an Indianapolis will lawyer and probate attorney, much of my practice is devoted to helping clients protect their assets and loved ones through comprehensive estate plans, and guiding personal representatives through the administration of a loved one’s estate as part of the probate process.  In addition, my civil litigation practice is focused on business disputes, will and probate contests, and a variety of other matters.  I additionally serve as mediator in a range of commercial and family law disputes.

At my firm, you will be working directly with me for 100% of your matter.  I do not employ junior attorneys, paralegals, or office staff.  This choice is deliberate, and ensures that I personally know every aspect of a client’s matter in order to get the best outcome possible.

I invite you to call me, and would look forward to serving you!

Marc Matheny

Marc Matheny - Indianapolis Probate Administration, Civil Litigation, and Family Law Attorney

What Clients Are Saying

What Clients Are Saying


With more than 30 years of practicing law, I’ll give you the personal attention that your matter requires, and work completely to get you the best result possible. Call me to find out the difference 317.639.3315.

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